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Gold members are screened and believed to be trustworthy. Many transactions remain risky even with escrow, which is where trust becomes key. An example is trading for a gift card code.


Want to write checks for crytpocurrency? How about transferring bank funds simply without worry? It's no problem. When trading with other Gold Members rest assured you won't suffer from exchange fraud, guaranteed. Enjoy buy/sell convenience and a $200 Safety Guarantee.

The most convenient way to buy or sell cryptocurrency may be bank account-to-account transfers. Imagine opening a browser, logging in to send cash and receiving cryptocurrency! This is clearly desirable, but there is often concern about anonymous parties gaining account information and man-in-the-middle fraud risk. Here again Gold membership helps as members know trade partners are screened as trustworthy and their transaction is protected up to $200.00.

Gold Application

To gain Gold status simply build a trustworthy trading record. We regularly review accounts to promote. Alternatively you may apply directly for immediate consideration.