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What can be traded here?

Since trades are peer-to-peer, traders sending each other coins directly, a wide variety of things can be traded. Bitcoin Cash is used to secure the trade's value (auto-calculated) in escrow.

Is ID required?

ID is not required to trade. We strongly emphasize privacy and trades are deleted after 15 days. Please note arbitrators may be required to prove identity to obtain minimum Silver membership.

What are the trading fees?

It's always free to post ads! For completed trades the ad poster is charged 1% of the trade's value at trade completion (payable in BCH).

Is it safe to trade here?

Yes, it's very safe! It's more safe than typical exchanges because trades only occur in secure 2-of-3 multisignature wallets. This site holds no funds.

Are arbitrators paid?

Yes. Whenever an arbitrator is assigned a trade they earn 50% of the trade completion fee, even if they are not used to make a decision.

Can arbitrators be trusted to make correct decisions?

Arbitrators are assigned to trades randomly from a pool of available members, sorted by the most favorable ratings first. If an arbitrator is believed to have acted inappropriately Support can be contacted for review and complaint, which can affect ability to handle future cases or result in complete removal.

Who can be an arbitrator?

Any member at Silver level and above.

What is dual escrow?

Dual escrow allows safer trades because not only the seller places funds in escrow. Since many cash transfer methods are reversible sellers remain at risk after releasing coins to a buyer. Dual escrow allows buyers to escrow funds putting sellers at ease while their payment settles.

What is deleted when I close my account?

Everything is deleted except feedback history. All chat messages and submitted documents, including those in trades, are deleted. The username is no longer available. Note accounts cannot be fully closed until 15 days after the last completed trade.

How are exchange rates calculated? Should I manually adjust my ads over time?

Exchange rates are described in this article. Ad prices are automatically adjusted up or down according to live market rates.